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Fertility and Oncology

and Oncology

Treatments in reproductive medicine

The Latin American Center for Molecular Genetic Diagnosis –CELAGEM, has the techniques and alliances needed to provide diagnostic services of different types of cancer. In addition, we give advice on the fertility area to female and male patients who want to preserve their fertile capacity if they are going to be subjected to any chemotherapy or surgery treatment in case they are suffering any oncological disease.

Currently, there are molecular diagnostic tools helping making decisions regarding oncological treatments, as well as supporting to diagnose evolution and prognosis of many types of neoplasia in different tissues. Thanks to the different treatment tools, survival of patients is increasing every day, which is why in CELAGEM we can offer and represent a future possibility of taking part in both the diagnosis process and disease treatment, and future planning in family creation.

If you need any further information about worldwide protocols, schedule an appointment with our team to give you customized orientation.

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