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Fertility within Everyone’s Reach

Fertility within
Everyone’s Reach

As specialists in reproductive health knowing the limitations of a large part of the population in each Latin American country, and with a strong social sense and performing a more-human medicine, the Centro Latinoamericano de Diagnóstico Genético Molecular –CELAGEM, cares for everyone, with no exclusion of social stratum, gender or thinking, has at its disposal the different assisted reproductive technology.

We have the lowest rates according to the treatment characteristics including medication and financing plans easily accessible. In the same way, we have free social plans through foundations, which are responsible for carrying out socio-economic studies.

We faithfully believe that fertility problems are not exclusive of high-income couples. We also serve those with lower purchasing power. If you need any further information, schedule your first consultation and we will pleased to guide you in your process. We have plans tailored to each of our couples.

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