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Healthy Child at Home

Healthy Child
at Home

The Latin American Center for Molecular Genetic Diagnosis –CELAGEM; is the only fertility unit in Colombia, and in the Northern region of South America and throughout Central America, which has a high-technology laboratory capable of doing diagnosis-stage genetic and molecular analysis of couples for the screening and diagnosis of several alterations and genetic disorders. We also have the technology needed to analyze the embryos produced through assisted reproduction techniques, using a technique named Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) that can ensure the transfer of completely-free embryos of monogenic and chromosomic pathologies, in couples who suffer risks of transmitting some kind of hereditary pathology to their offspring.

Moreover, with this diagnostic tool we have the possibility to offer, with a high degree of reliability, a healthy child at home to those couples who want a healthy embryo transfer, even when they do not suffer from or are not carriers of genetic disorders, performing the screening of chromosome abnormalities compatible with life or related to recurring miscarriages, couples in risk due to advanced maternal age or alterations in the study of the male gamete (sperm). This technique named Pre-implantation Genetic Screening or PGS, allows us transferring a healthy unique embryo with a higher ability of achieving a single pregnancy and preventing multiple pregnancy, which is a problem created by the assisted reproductive technology.

Come to our unit to schedule your appointment and we will explain to you in detail what our diagnostic tools are.

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